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International Activities

Since 2013, the overseas production of Japanese electronic circuit board manufactures has exceeded that of domestic production. Therefore, in order to support the global business of member companies, JPCA actively conducts international projects such as collecting overseas information on electronic circuits, responding to international issues such as environmental measures and regulatory responses, and interacting with overseas organizations.


The World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC) was established in 1998 with electronic circuit associations from all over the world (China, Europe, Hong Kong, US, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand).  WECC conducts activities such as market research, environmental measures, regulatory responses, and technical conferences.

China Printed Circuit Association
European Institute of Printed Circuits
Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association
Indian Printed Circuit Association
Korea Printed Circuit Association
Taiwan Printed Circuit Association

Electronic Industries Association of India
Thailand Printed Circuit Association
World Electronic Circuits Council

Japan-China Electronic Circuits Friendship Council

China is the world’s largest producer of electronic circuit boards and many JPCA members have business with China. Therefore, in 2000, JPCA established the Japan-China Electronic Circuits Friendship Council with CPCA in order to establish relationships and to exchange information.

International Alliances

JPCA is promoting the formation of new relationships with overseas electronic circuit users. Currently, JPCA has started collaboration activities between KPIA (Korea) and AEIS (Singapore), and in the future JPCA will promote initiatives that can be used for the business of member companies by holding cross-border business matching.

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