PURINTOBAN-JYUKU V Introduction to Jisso (Packaging) Technology

  • By Masao Kayaba
  • Translated by Akikazu Shibata
  • First Printeng (Japanese Edition) June 1, 2002
  • First Printeng of English Edition June 1, 2002
  • A5 Size 111 Pages


The Assembly (Jisso) technology is a technology that covers a wide range from semiconductor packages to assembly of a mother board that contains printed wiring board(s) (PWB) mounted with various electronic and mechanical components. The assembly technology is the key technology to produce a product of very small and of lightweight together with a full range of complicated and sophisticated functions. The assembly technology includes development of PWB appropriate for specific applications, of relevant electronic and mechanical components, of interconnections, and of quality and reliability assessment of both components and products. A change in one field of technology inevitably affects application technology of other components. An engineer must preferably be aware of all the development being made not only to the products of his/her immediate interest but also to other peripheral technologies as to be able to respond to challenges he/she will face to in future.
Efforts have been made to describe various aspects of assembly technology from basics (components, mounting technology, interconnections, and PWB) using many illustrations to help understand from the foundation of the technology. The author wishes that he will have another chance to write an article on the aspects of technologies not covered in this book though not directly related to assembly but in various other ways such as environment-friendly technologies and recycling.
This book is prepared as “Purinto-ban Juku (Prep School for PWB)- An Introduction to Assembly Technology for New Engineers”, one of the series of publications of “Purinto-ban Juku”, published by JPCA as introductory books to PWB related technologies for people with limited knowledge of the technology. Readers are encouraged to read other books of this series to deepen understanding the technology.
PWB business in Japan is facing severe competition of both domestic and overseas manufacturers. It should be necessary to have thorough knowledge of assembly technology to cope with various requests from customers and to vitalize the industry. The author does hope that this book is of value in enrichment of the understanding of the technology for new comers to the industry and to refresh knowledge for those working in production lines.

June 2002
Masao Kayaba


PURINTOBAN-JYUKU V Introduction to Jisso (Packaging) Technology