JPCA standards


Drill-bit-cassette and Router-bit-cassette for Printed Wiring Board processing JPCA-ME-DC01-2002 2002.06
Test Method for Halogen-Free Materils JPCA-ES01-2003 2003.08
Printed Wiring Boards JPCA-PB01-2004

HDI Printed Wiring Boards JPCA-HD01-2003  2004.09
Detail Specification for Optical Board Connector type SF using glass Fibers JPCA-PE03-01-01S-2003 2005.04
Detail Specification for Optical Board Connector type MF using glass Fibers JPCA-PE03-01-04S-2004 2005.05
Generic rules for Optoelectronic Modules/Generic Specification/Generic Specification for Packaging Interface JPCA-PE04S-2004 2005.05
Phenol collection method for copper-cladlaminete JPCA-ES07-2007 2007.05
A test method for copper-clad laminates for printed wiring boards dielectric constant and dissipation factor (500MHz to 10GHz) JPCA-TM001-2007 2007.05
Halogen-free copper-cladlaminates for printed wiring boards-Paper base,phenolic resin JPCA-ES02-2007 2007.05
Copper-clad laminates for printed wiring boards-Halogenated modified or unmodified resin system,woven E-glass laminated sheets of defined relative permittivity(equal or less than 3.7 at 1GHz)and flammability(vertical burning test),copper-clad JPCA-HCL01-2008 2009.06
Standard on Device Embedded Substrate Terminology/Reliability Test/Design Guide-Edition4- JPCA-EB01-2011 2011.06
Standard on Device Embedded Substrate Date Format-Edition1- JPCA-EB02-2011 2011.11